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Homestory ShirinHi, my name ist Shirin and I’m from Kassel in Germany. I live in an old-roof apartment together with my mom an my lovely little rabbit called Cookie. For me my home is my refuge, where I can dream and craft, but also celebrate pyjama parties with my besties. That’s where I feel completely comfortable, because everything is nice and colorful, cozy and familiar. The perfect place where ideas are coming up easily to create new stuff.


One year ago we were looking for a pretty old apartment in the countryside. You’ll never guess! We moved into the house where I was born 14 years ago. No wonder that I felt home by the first visit! As if I had never been away. That is real magic!


I’m inspired by many things: the Flow magazine, Instagram and Pinterest and my bestie Lisi. I love extending my horizon. Every day, every second. These colorful impressions are my base for creativity. Try it, it really works!


Most of my furniture I bought at Ikea. Lovely basics, perfect to pimp. With new handles, crazy colours, wallpapers or fabric. Some special pieces are from my mum. For example the wooden wardrobe or the old-fashioned desk chair. Family furniture with its own story. Enchanting!


There is no need for me, that my home has always to be neat. For me a happy colorful chaos is a sign of creativity! My personal motto: imperfect is perfect!


My recipe for a comfortable home? Many bright colors, DIY-wonders, a mix of patterns and memories. Feel free in your personal home filled with love!


I’m in the 8th grade in school. Honestly? School is not my favourite activity. I’m often bored and love to come home in the afternoon. Then I feel free and happy.


In general I love washitapes, decoration and pretty dresses. In my spare time I often have picnics, go shopping or chat with my friends. I write stories, tinker and decorate and I like to take pictures for my little Instagram blog. Sometimes I invent new hobbies, that’s so much fun!


Home  is where my creativity is free, and I’ll always be inspired…

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Life is full of surprise!


Who always asks for the purpose of things, will never discover their beauty.

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